The Unfortunate Beginnings
Mackpen Books (2010)

I often wonder whether having sight in both eyes would have made me a better person. Better than what, I wondered. Would it would have made people look at me differently, less of an oddball, perhaps? I was the butt of the usual children’s games and taunts. It would have been easy for me to resent the accident that caused the sight in my left eye. I could not remember what it was like to see from two eyes, and as far as I am concerned, I could see as well as any full sighted person.

Let me begin at the beginning, at the time when my mother’s joy at having given birth to a much wanted-son turn to dismay, when my eye was injured, and there was nobody to help save my sight, her world seemed to collapse around her…

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Mackpen Books - TheUnfortunateBeginnings