Inside Stories
Mackpen Books (2010)


We have often taken for granted the importance to the history that has entwined an ageing culture, and the reasons for changes, which could carry many surprises. The basis to any strong cultural history is in its recorded evidence, the how, why achievements, and values. The aims are to maintain the diverse cultures and practices of travelled men and women, and any detailed accounts of their educational experiences, cultural religious or preferences and where possible the family tree. Their accounts should be encouraged to form the foundation that would empower their children, grandchildren and others, especially those born outside the land of their ancestral legacy. These stories may vary geographically. Nevertheless, the places are the backbone to the heritage from which these unique cultures existed. Multiculturalism has prized open the door to equality, and allowed reasoning to light-up a few of those dark comers of separatism. How wonderful it is for future generations to hear and experience the words of their grandparents. To those whom we hold in esteem, whose experiences we dare not forget, are slowly dying, taking with them a valued legacy that future generations need, in procuring their identity.

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