Collection From The Heart

In an amazing twist of faith, ‘Collection from The Heart’ demonstrates a unique talent that is sometimes taken for granted. Roy Mackpenfield, at sixty-nine, developed a capacity that has become puzzling to many. He was the first-born to his family, with an accolade of first to achieve set goals, setting a trend for the rest of the family. Whether or not this was a good omen his life embraced a legacy many tried to attain.

However, these achievements did not come in a neatly labelled parcel. Each arrived through setbacks, disappointments or lost. Yet, each of these gives a reason for celebration and ‘Collection from the Heart’ is perfectly placed.

Having written a number of books of varied cultural and autobiographical subjects, this collection of poetry expresses the deep beliefs and emotions of hope, despair, determination and love that flows his heart and is the driver to his achievements.

This book of fifty-one poems; threads yesteryear experiences; into the cycle of a changing environment that embraces the legacy it provides in poems such as: ‘The Bridge;’ The Beggar’s Journey;’ My Cabbage Patch;’ and ‘Ageing Journey’;

Intriguing lines such as: ‘When first we met I speculated’; ‘Shrouds in mist, love dreams collide,”Whom, do I seek blame.’ speak with sincerity, project love, give hope and invite you on a journey of exploration.

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