A Mother’s Fear
Mackpen Books (2010)

The theme of the story is that of sacrifice, and the overwhelming desire for an education that could help a twelve-year-old boy escape the perils of an imbalanced world. Set in the Caribbean Islands, during a time of slavery and hostility in the latter eighteenth century, it highlights the strength and depth of faith.

Greed and commerce condemn a twelve-year-old girl, Marybell, to suffer the consequences of slavery. As a result she gave birth to two children, a boy, Lafty, and a girl, Celene before her fifteenth birthday.

The burden of slavery has left Marybell inadequate to deal correctly with her son’s future. Desperate, she seeks help from the man she love to hate, the father of her children.

While she begging Ruben to help her son, unknown to her, he too, has plans of his own. But consumed with fear, she is prepared to sacrifice her weakness in the hope that her dreams will be fulfilled. Dogged by a fear of Ruben’s actions, she wants to change her mind, but with Lafty at the age when she could easily lose him to slavery, there is no alternative to the echoing voices that pound her head, saying, ‘Stick to your decision’.

Marybell gave up her son to her estrange partner to sail to another country not knowing if she would ever see him again. However, faith was to conquer and her dreams were to be fulfilled.

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