Roy Mackpenfield

Founder of Mackpen Books, Author and a play-writer Publications: 5 novels and 16 short stories 4 players 6 Community magazines Volume One short stories. 56 pages Book of Poetry.


He was born Jamaican with a visual disability from the age of 2 years. Precision Engineering, (tool making) became his profession Blindness and ill-health forced retire in 1996 Volunteering, trustee and board member since 1997: D.C.L, Friends N.T.B, DHAC. 5 years, ACW at BBC Wales. Chairs Age Alive, BEM50+Newport.

Although he came to writing late it began as a theropedic exercise that develop into passion that remains strong, with a growing need to bring a little bit of happiness to situations that, could be described as dull moments.

He now spends his time with groups organising the community events, which he says is "challenging but great fun".

Favourite quote: "Never give up."